Curious couple offers a nice cross

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A couple fell into the routine reporting intimate wants to experience another form of sexuality, but as they are both very jealous and can not tolerate adultery, they agree to try it beautiful blonde with a transsexual who has the attributes to satisfy them both. She is really beautiful with an angel face wreathed in long hair, breasts and legs lavish endless pavement silver stiletto heels. To complete the set, she is very sexy. A true femme fatale except that in her thong is a nice cock man. She kneels down and sucks the cock of the guy expert who has never been such a blow job while his wife and came to hug and kiss before joining the trans double pipe. Everyone finds his account in this threesome, husband sodomized the blonde is hummed by his wife before being penetrated by the trans itself gets a cock in the ass. If that’s the routine, I do know more!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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