A holy Nitouche finally fucked as it should

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This is the story of a young bitch of 18 who really wanted a boy but was not sure how to go about flirting. She had finally managed to take her home and, foolishly, he proposed a game to society … Fortunately, the guy she had chosen himself had ideas in place! He jumped up to offer him a game a little more than their age and, suiting the action to the word, he clapped his large hand on her breasts. That bitch over could not ask for more, she had never thought that things would be so easy! It was an opportunity for her to try everything that had always been the dream of sucking a big cock while his partner grabs him by the hair, feel her sex in her hand and harden in her mouth, then to put a line in her pussy hot … Worse, our slut suddenly discovered new impulses … As she was being brutally doggy chores at biting cock strokes, she thought only one thing: drink a glass of this dense white nectar that he had talked so much!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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