A real dog, this therapist!

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This guy is a true sick ass. It’s simple: women make Barjot! He has big problems to retain and spends his days fantasizing about sluts in the gym … He decides to heal and to appeal to a girl that specializes in this kind of problems …. He arrives at an appointment and come across a beautiful secretary who flanked him already the pole! He ends up joining the specialist, whose hair completely dyed pink and a pair of impressive breasts. The black explains that he can not remember enjoying when he touches a woman a little too close … To remedy the situation, the therapist will submit a flood of excitement and teach him to control himself . It sucks, because of its Braquemart a club of steel, and then undresses in front of him, he never has the right touch! He must obey his orders to lick her pussy when she asked, watching her big tits dancing to ten inches of him … If he keeps it right, he will be entitled to the reward: the right to splash out on the mussel This slut therapist!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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