An old fuck and his buddy fuck a naive maid..

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Well I know that I will not be very original, but this is a scene that I would have liked to turn. We have a mature blonde who is with grandpa and will be fiddling. He touches her pussy and fondles her buttocks. It will even go up removing her panties to sniff his intimate smells good he has not felt for many years. The blonde is a maid will love getting to eat the clitoris by this old grandpa and will even crouch in front of the couch to make a beautiful greedy blowjob. While she currently getting her pussy by grandpa, a friend will go to him and now she’ll have two cocks to satisfy. Obviously the young man is stronger and fitter than Grandad but the combination of the two, give a unique trio who I remind you, has made me feel.

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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