Bridget, a chick travel

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It does not come out quite the hat of a magician, but his little black bag, he hastens to open as soon as it arrives at the hotel. Bridget is in, in undress, and he immediately jumps to the neck in gratitude for having freed. This little lady is simply amazing and it is full of energy and runs on the cock of her man to swallow all the way into his little mouth. But the guy knows the dwarf and knows that her crotch itches a bit too hard. He decides to administer a grazing-kitty as she likes and to enjoy almost licks. It is high time to penetrate her pussy and grind comforter on the bed, gently at first, then big shots chisel. Bridget is never as happy with a big stick at the bottom of it and moves on all sides to encourage them to accelerate the pace. The guy knows Bridget and knows she loves above all is to take on all fours. He did wait a bit, then offers him a good Timaeus from behind before spitting its sap in its pretty little mouth … hot and keep it in his suitcase presto!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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