Demonic dream!

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The dream and reality are sometimes very intertwined … When this blonde milf (lovely, you’ll see!), Was offered by her boyfriend a statue of a dwarf to be in her room, she laughs at all his teeth. But while she sleeps peacefully, things turn into a nightmare … The dwarf with a demon mask rises from his cabinet, walking on the bed and the blonde awakes. She screams, but hardly has time to emit a sound that the dwarf’s cock is already stuck in his mouth! To calm her, the dwarf gives this bitch milf cunnilingus most languorous of his life and makes her cum like a slut than twenty years, just with his tongue. The blonde is hot item. She gets caught by the little-man, who overpowered him balance battering and returns on all fours to inflict the fuck she dreamed of for months. Dream or reality: we know nothing. But strange things have happened, because when the blonde wakes up, she is naked, and his dwarf bedside has completely dropped the frock!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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