Obese vs dwarf: the battle of extremes

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A woman against a woman as big as small, it’s a little David against Goliath … Nobody won in advance. They advance both the ring and provoke each other. The referee tries to hold them but soon it will no longer control anything. The big jumps in dwarf and crushes all its weight, suffocating in her big milky breasts. The other can not breathe, but suddenly, took the bull by the horns. Failing to be the most powerful, it can be the smartest … His technique: excite this big bitch so hard she succumbs to her charms and can no longer fight. At this point, the dwarf becomes a real hottie who seeks to enjoy the big by any means. It remains strong, but is less and less. She did not even notice that his opponent has stashed something secret that will help him win … And when she gets the chance, the dwarf pulls her strap-on and the plant without mercy in the thick of the vulva obese. It won the obese indulges in the enjoyment and disarms. Well done, little lady!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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