The dwarf gets a muscled auscultation

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One of the two dwarf alien finds himself in hospital, inspected closely by a doctor who must try to know where it comes from. For that, he wants to try everything there is to test it on a chick … so tiny and delicious Reactions to caresses her body, temperature, crash dildo … It begins by looking if the mouth of this creature is so hot that it seems, by dipping into his body. Affirmative: This beauty has a real pipe mouth! The doctor looks at his legs compressed in black stockings, and spreads to flank a big dildo in her hairy pussy. Meanwhile her, her blonde girlfriend is actively seeking. She looks on radar and headed for the hospital. But too late: the brunette is already being done at full stretch by the physician, became a true madman! He frees his movements completely, causing the dwarf treatment on all fours makes off with happiness. The doctor suddenly squirts on ass arched in the dwarf, just before his girlfriend arrives!

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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