The girls are from Venus

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Two pretty girls, a light as weightless environment: the stage is set for a flight of Venusian. They are recognizable by their hair colored or curled, their small puffy nipples sensitive, some studded with a ring, some a little soft. Some have dark dermis, other short limbs, but all have a great appetite for grazing kitty. They begin their wedding dance by a feeding of puffy nipples and eating a main dish, slit quivering and drooling. Who knows if it is that which gives or the one who receives, who enjoys most of the strokes? They exchanged kisses and suck tits how to Venus, by wetting many long spikes. Their long tongues fleshy and mobile and puffy nipples sting inserted deep inside the slots. But it is the pupa, they are particularly sensitive to the location of the clitoris, which make them take off. As our Earth, the Venusian are passionate people.

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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