The pleasures of a small woman

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This guy is a fetishist. He likes to kiss the babes small. It seems they are more proportionate to give him a blowjob while they were both standing naked in the middle of a room. The doll has brown hair, the tits of a respectable size, hips and waist straight, buttocks and thighs plumper. We like to detail them in their games. Standing, squatting or on all fours, the doll always has a hole to reach the tail. Their faces are close when she rides the guy’s tail. Her boobs are always close at hand when he takes on all fours. The pretty slut squeals when the guy sticks his big cock in her pussy. It seems to envelop his body when he takes it from behind in a spoon. She feels the male domination that multiplies her pleasure as she looks in her sink. Her small tits sway and stand up while in her and in her pleasure. The exchange ends with their sexual ejaculation in both.

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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