EXCLUSIVE VIP: 45 techniques to fuck like a pornstar!

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VIDEO MORE THAN 98 MINUTES. Exclusively for VIP members, Smartmovies is happy to present you 45 techniques to fuck like a pornstar! First video of the series that explains you professional rapper tricks. This video includes an « educational » component as well as a practical part. Narration, diagram and explanation are at the rendezvous. For the good reason that he himself is a pornstar Fr who has proven himself. Today, he offers you his precious advice through educational videos like this one. You will learn how to fuck like a pornstar and make your partner dream by making love to him like never before. To do this, JM is assisted by a sublime brunette who seems to appreciate the secret techniques of this French porn star. I let you discover everything you need to know to fuck a woman like a professional rapper. As much to tell you that your life will change.

Date: décembre 24, 2021

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