Two office colleagues doing anal sex at the starting jar

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In this box, it is the starting pot of one of their colleagues. A man and a woman have nothing to do and go to the bathroom to do anal sex. They meet regularly here to get laid in the air and mix their secretions. He loves to eat the ass of his colleague who is a beautiful brunette with an ass, a smooth rump and a pair of huge breasts. OK they are not natural, but it gives him beautiful curves. After licking her holes and she did the same with his cock, he can sink into her tight little pussy. Quickly, she uses her vaginal secretions to lubricate her little hole and guide the tail of her partner in front of the entrance of this secret cave. He buggers his colleague and plunges into her deeply. They will give it to their heart’s content without anyone suspecting that they are having anal sex in the bathroom.

Date: décembre 25, 2021

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